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Smart home ideas

I want to make a fully functioning smart home. I've spent a lot of time research smart homes and home automation and have a found a few good ...

Top 100 Smart Home Automation Blogs And Websites on the Web

Voice control has become such an integral part of smart homes, it’s not remotely surprising they come fully to the fore when it’s time for those festive parties throughout the holidays. While Siri and Google Assistant each have their own strengths, it’s Amazon’s Alexa that perhaps best exemplifies the virtual ...

Smart home products

Using Open Source home automation platforms is not only better for security and privacy, but it is also the most flexible way to get your Smart Home up and ...

Smart Intercoms are the Way to Go for Better Communication

I try to provide awesome agreeable but there’s tons of being I’m missing. I have a pretty good general knowledge of smart home being and some expert knowledge in a few areas. But, I can’t cover everything. So, here’s a account of other places that might have the answer to your question. I’ve provided links to sites with lots of great reviews, product comparisons, and smart home ideas.…Read More

Smart home 2018

Read the latest press releases from Control4, a leading provider of home automation systems designed to make all the devices in your home work together .

4.0/5.0 ★★★★☆

As you’ll need no reminding, the holiday are already in full swing. Thanksgiving might be a wrap but there’s plenty more blithe activity looming. Today, we’ll give you some accessible Insteon solutions for the holidays. Launched way aback in 2005 – light years ago in terms of domotics – Insteon’s robust message ...

Smart home technology

A smart home blog documenting our journey to find the perfect solutions to make our home safer, more organized, and a better place to live.

​Smart Lighting is a Brilliant Addition to Any Home

You have electric heat in your place. You probably have assorted thermostats to control that heat. Now you’ve decided it’s time to get those heaters some smart control. Is it alike possible without spending hours hacking together a DIY solution? Of course it is. All it will take is a quick read of this article. I’ll fill you in on the latest products available and which ones will fit best in your home.…Read More

Smart home thermostat

Oct 29, 2018 ... Home Automation Website Best List. Find home automation system, smart home blogs, home automation products, house automation system, ...

Control4’s Holiday Traditions From Around the Globe

MysaLine Voltage Smart Thermostat4.0/5.0 ★★★★☆ Pros ✅ Reliable Wifi Connection ✅ Easy to Schedule ✅ No Extra hubs required ✅ Voice ascendancy for all 3 major platformsCons ❌ No native geofencing ❌ Bare minimum IFTTT implementation ❌ Basal ascendancy from thermostatMysa reliably delivers the basics so you can extend your smart home to your line voltage heaters with basal effort. It offers easy installation and setup without the need for any extra hub. Expect a reliable WiFi connection and a simple, smooth app experience. Advanced features like voice ascendancy and IFTTT integration are aloof icing on the cake.

Smart home security system

Get the latest news and information on smart home security, connected devices, home automation and more from

DIY Home Automation doesn't have to be complicated

For the past couple years, I’ve been patiently waiting for a truly smart thermostat to be created for line voltage heaters. People with low-voltage systems accept had Nest and ecobee to play with for years, but people with line voltage systems accept been left out in the cold.

Smart home hub

You may even learn a thing or two about implementing your own smart home devices and solutions. Check out our favorite home automation blogs to explore ...

Multi-Room Audio Systems—Simplifying the Art of Music Listening

It’s not that there hasn’t been ANY smart thermostats available for line voltage. There are a few models that have been available for several years. But, I’ve found that they usually fall into one of two categories:

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